11 January 2019

2018 at Bitspiration Booster: a crazy ride

A recent confession by Wojtek Burkot on LinkedIn made me realize, how easy it is to miss a real tech trend of the future. 

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21 August 2018

Bridge Alfa fund: 25% invested, 80% signed

While a number of VCs engage in a media discussion with NCRD over alledged 'collapse' of Bridge Alfa program, our R&D fund works as designed.

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11 May 2018

Publikujemy Podręcznik Grantobiorcy Bridge Alfa

Nasza publikacja pomoże startupom w prawidłowym rozliczeniu środków z funduszy Bridge Alfa.

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08 May 2018

100 days of ASI Bridge Alfa Bitspiration Booster

ASI Bridge Alfa Bitspiration Booster allocated over 90% of the fund's investment budget in 100 days.

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08 January 2018

First two investments announced by ASI BB-1

End of 2017 saw a kick-off to our investment activity with two tech startups: EGZOTech (Gliwice, Poland) and Artveoli (San Jose, US).

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07 December 2017

Announcing a new 50M PLN fund with NCRD grants

Bitspiration Booster's application got top score and will be funded 40m PLN in grants for selected R&D projects.

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02 October 2017

VC Fund and startup - shared challenges

A short story on: what we aim to do, what values we share, how we work with startups. And, last but not least, how this brought us to getting media attention and investment market players gossiping. Nothing to hide, though! Hope you find it interesting (article in Polish).

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15 September 2017

Oświadczenie Bitspiration Booster

W związku z dzisiejszą publikacją artykułu w „Gazecie Wyborczej” na temat konkursu Bridge Alfa ogłoszonego przez NCBiR oraz w związku z zawartymi w nim wypowiedziami anonimowych osób, które mogą stawiać firmę Bitspiration Booster sp. z o.o. w negatywnym świetle, chcemy podzielić się z Państwem poniższymi informacjami.

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06 September 2017

Bridge Alfa - 1 billion PLN for R&D investment

Applications for NCRD's Bridge Alfa program (1 billion PLN) just started. According to new bill on investment funds, alternative investment companies (ASI) are the main type of funding recipients. To operate ASI, you need to be registered as a proper management entity (ZASI). And there are only two in Poland as of today, Bitspiration Booster included! Interested in talking about Bridge Alfa? Get in touch: oskar@bitspirationbooster.com

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01 August 2017

Booster ready to manage venture capital

After 8 months of going through an entirely new registration process, Bitspiration Booster is now officialy allowed to manage venture capital investment. And there aren't many others in Poland!

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30 May 2017

Airly - great to have you in our portfolio!

We've asked Airly, young start-up building an air pollution detection and prediction network, to join us at Bitspiration Booster co-work for 3 months. Now they are ready to move on but we are here whenever the founders need us!

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01 December 2016

Technology with impact at scale - our demand

Like it or not, tech startups are the future. President-elect Trump may want to shift the focus on infrastructure and making America (and it's roads or airports) great again, but for Europe further investment in technology is the key. One Central European city seems to be getting it right.

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